It takes experience to create a great customer experience

At [back of the house], we believe that something magical happens when you experience human relationships

Today, companies are aware that the way the quality of service is perceived by customers, depends on the involvement of their employees.

Going the extra mile will make the experience memorable and magical for the customer

Why is an investment in customer experience necessary?

Source: Sitecore 2016; Annual Customer Experience Impact Report – Oracle 2011; and White House Office of Consumer Affairs


Every $1 invested in Customer Experience brings an average $3 in return


of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience


It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer

We make [r]evolution, reconnecting companies with humans’ emotions

Companies must differentiate emotional expectations from functional needs, and how to deal with it

At [back of the house], we teach the theory - to explain why - and practice application by role playing with actors - to show how

We revitalize your vision of the customer experience and train your team to deliver it

Alongside your team, we explore the three stages of your customer’s journey and devise their experience at every stage. We train your team to go that extra mile and your managers to support your team

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We are hoteliers, branding experts, sociologists, copywriters, designers, actors and trainers


Yes, if a consultant is someone who walks the walk - we don’t stop at a specialist “consultation”: we dive into your business and actually make it happen

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